We pulled out all the stops

"One night can be life changing". Because the rest you get at night determines how you will meet the challenges of the next day. And that is why a bed of outstanding quality is an essential. Henson Design will 'wrap you in cotton wool' through the night, so that you can realize your dreams during the day.

7 exclusive advantages

On legs
Luxury often shows in the details. Choose the feet that will finish your bed’s look perfectly. Henson Design offers different styles and materials, from square metal models to finish a sleek design to round wooden legs for a cosy and warm ambiance. For just that little extra, choose a frame from our designer range.
Top it off with a Twin Topper
The Twin Topper is a topper matrass created exclusively for Henson Design – a good 12 cm thick, and available in latex or cold foam models, one offering more supple comfort than the other does. And you can turn the Twin Topper according to the season.
Light in the darkness
Each Henson Design box spring bed is equipped with convenient entry and exit lighting which automatically comes on when it detects movement beside the bed. Enough handy light when it is dark, but subtle enough to leave your partner happily snoozing!
Anything but short on substance
Would you like a personalized box spring? You can choose the material and colour used on your new Henson Design set from our exclusive range of quality fabrics. If you want to ensure that no dirt or dust gets on your bed, you can opt for the Excalibur and Camelot fabrics which are dirt and water repellent. And your bed will retain its brand new appearance!
Unique matrass composition
The unique high-low, pocket spring system inside Henson Designs mattresses is an exclusive Van Landschoot product. Alternate operation between the high-low springs offers support to both the heavier and lighter parts of your body.
Electrically assisted comfort
People who opt for electric powered comfort options can rest assured with a Henson Design luxury bed. There are no more annoying cables, because Henson Design offers wireless controls. The pocket spring interior moves freely to follow the shape of the bed as you change position. And the fifth inflection point in the bed base adds an extra cushioning effect, and thus even more comfort!
All produced at home
We manufacture all Henson Design sets in Belgium. From the initial concept to the box spring in your bedroom.


"Every morning, it seems like I have stayed in a luxury hotel. The quality of my nights has been so much improved since my Henson Design purchase."
Happy customer, Louise